PoD (Points of Discontinuity) - Listening Experiment

The PoD experiment on listening to post-tonal music is a central component of the research project Points of Discontinuity (PoD).

The aim of our project is to create new ways of analyzing time-related processes in post-tonal instrumental and electronic music. We examine listeners' reactions to a wide range of post-tonal styles. The experiment will help us understand how post-tonal sounds are organized in the process of listening.

You don't need any special expertise to participate in this experiment. All you need is curiosity, a quiet place, a good internet connection, and audio playback of sufficient quality .

The experiment can only be performed via a Chromium browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi). To participate, please register in the web application programmed by Robert Wildling pod-audio-analysis.vercel.app (in English).